RVers Impatient With Crowded Campgrounds Want More Choices


RVing has enjoyed steady growth in popularity for the past couple of decades. As often referred to by the “old-timers,” Glamping is attracting younger first-time recreational vehicle buyers. Longtime RVers complain about the increase in campers making it nearly impossible to enjoy the same freedom to pack up their rig for the weekend without making … Read more

Rules for RV Camping and Campsite Etiquette

Campground Etiquette

Throughout the years, people have enjoyed camping and spending time in nature. Using an RV (Recreational Vehicle) for camping and traveling became more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. Unfortunately, many new campers and RVers seem not to know proper campsite etiquette. These spoken and unspoken rules of camping — either by tent … Read more

Record-Breaking RV Sales Through the COVID-19 Pandemic


Normally events like a pandemic, the economy suffers, and many companies see a drop in their sales. However, this was not the case for Recreation Vehicle (RV) manufacturers when COVID-19 took the world by storm. Throughout the 2020 pandemic, Recreation Vehicle manufacturers saw record-breaking sales. Many people enjoy hitting the open road and taking in … Read more