RV Parks are Sound Investments for Those Seeking to Increase Their Stock Portfolio


The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of businesses and facilities to shut down or close permanently. However, RV dealers and manufacturers are surprised sales of Recreational Vehicles have been booming. With continued sales, the need for new RV parks and campgrounds to be opened increases. At this time, most parks are solidly booked through the … Read more

As Demand Grows RV Park Owners Enjoy High Return on Investment

RV Park

During the last decade, the recreational vehicle industry boomed, with dealerships selling more units than previous years. And the increased demand continues. Subsequently, RV park and campground reservations are solidly booked throughout most of the country. The result is everyone in the industry is reaping the reward of a high return on their investment (ROI). … Read more

RVers Impatient With Crowded Campgrounds Want More Choices


RVing has enjoyed steady growth in popularity for the past couple of decades. As often referred to by the “old-timers,” Glamping is attracting younger first-time recreational vehicle buyers. Longtime RVers complain about the increase in campers making it nearly impossible to enjoy the same freedom to pack up their rig for the weekend without making … Read more